About Us

Trending News is a newspaper, starting on an online platform, with Adamawa State as its primary constituency.

The idea is to cover the state as no other medium currently does.

Reports originating from other parts of the country and the world which are of interest to Adamawa people and other readers will similarly get attention.

Published daily with updates several times each day, Trending News aspires to national and global recognition and patronage, but the journey starts from the home base and is poised to advance steadily to the wider stages.

Trending News Media, located at the Adamawa State capital, is the outfit on which auspices Trending News is published.

Trending News Media is an organisation of mass media professionals with a commitment to the ethics of practice and passion for the development of the home state and society as a whole.

We shall strive always to get the news that build humanity, and when we have to highlight any issue that portrays any individual in dark light because it serves the general good, we shall see to it that the individual’s side is represented.

We welcome you. Please, communicate with us freely. We need to know ways you believe we could do better in this task of getting the news out.